He makes some excellent points and some great

Letters to the editor 10

These are workshops focusing on specific topics and concerns that our individual communities have. Our RDOS Area D director, Ron Obirek, attended. He was able to get the attention of the housing minister. OK Falls needs housing. This is invaluable.

A face to face meeting will never be replaced by an email or even a phone call if he could even get through to speak to the minister. This is an opportunity to meet some of the politicians that can go to bat for us.

## ## Is there a solution to the opioid crisis? I highly doubt it will be found in Quebec City no matter how many delegates went. And what does Doug Holmes being fluent in French have to do with anything? Last I heard they also spoke English in Quebec City.

I think James mischaracterizes the people going. Maybe some of the members are treating it like a holiday; I believe most are not. They are working and talking and meeting and sharing. I know our Area D director has our interests in mind in attending; that is why he is there.

James also commented on the closure of the IGA in OK Falls.

His statement that the people in this town have brought it on themselves is not only judgmental, I think it is wrong. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t compare prices, including you, James Miller.

There is an IGA in both and Summerland. Why not increase the orders of goods and divert some of it out here? I think the prices they have been charging us are all about greed. It is no secret that most businesses’ bottom line is money. It is very sad that they don’t consider people’s needs as well, many of the same people that have supported the store all of these years in our little town.

Enviro letter strikes a chord

Dear editor:

John Thompson wrote a well thought out letter (Herald, June 13) about good riddance to single use plastic. He makes some excellent points and some great suggestions to clean up our collective acts.

However, he did mention that a carbon tax doesn’t improve the climate and I would like to share something that suggests carbon tax has a role to play at a corporate level.

Waste Connections is the third largest waste company in North America. They have a landfill in Quebec that is designed to harvest methane created from fermenting garbage. Usually methane production is an unwanted byproduct of landfill management.

Waste Connections made an arrangement with a gas distribution company and proceeded to build a scrubber plant that further improves the quality of the gas produced.

This cleaned gas is then sold to states and provinces and it qualifies for carbon tax relief as the natural gas was produced in a landfill.

This is a win win win as Waste Connections is now an energy producer, citizens use a sustainable natural gas and down the road waste may be looked at as an asset This shows that carbon tax does have a role to play at the corporate levels of waste, water and other resource management.

If we are going to make inroads on the climate change, we are going to need a multi pronged approach

Brian HughesDear editor:

John Thompson wrote an excellent letter on the many ways that we are ruining the environment. I think it would make an excellent editorial or guest column.

Using fossil fuels for energy (gas, heating, air conditioning, etc.) is only part of the bigger picture. There are too many people in this world and too many of them have a truly decadent life style.

The only comment I would like to add to his letter is that although electric vehicles are the right thing for the future, at this time there is not nearly enough electricity to fuel enough vehicles to make a real difference. This is another reason why the Site C dam is so very necessary.

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